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    Being able to see the entire journey of an account and all the marketing touchpoints has been very crucial for us this year, and will continue to be as we go into planning season.” - Kimberly Galitz

    Kimberly Galitz.pngCompany

    Jellyvision is a software company whose products help talk people through big life decisions. Its ALEX? employee communication platform helps millions of employees at more than 550 companies nationwide make more informed choices about their health insurance, their finances, and their future.

    Kimberly Galitz, web marketing and analytics manager at Jellyvision, is in charge of analyzing channel performance to help optimize marketing budget, increase leads, and perfect user experience.

    Jellyvision believes in strong sales and marketing alignment and that they’re only really successful when the teams work together.


    To track and report on marketing efforts, Kimberly was pulling Salesforce reports and manually entering the numbers into a spreadsheet each week. Marketing was only given credit if a lead had marketing lead source detail or not-- a first-touch attribution model.

    Kimberly knew that manually entering data used valuable time and left a lot of room for human error. Additionally, it was undervaluing marketing’s contribution to the customer journey and the company bottom line. The team was making decisions on hearsay, instead of accurate, full-funnel data.


    Jellyvision began using Bizible to track the entire customer journey and attribute revenue based on a W-shaped attribution model.

    The full-funnel tracking paired with a W-shaped model actually showed that marketing was touching 4x as much revenue as originally thought by only using a first-touch model. And now that Kimberly is using Bizible instead of manually entering data, she was able to free up 8 hours a week for other projects. The equivalent of an entire extra day of productivity.

    Bizible’s dashboard has opened the eyes of the whole organization by providing a clear breakdown by channel, campaign and cost, so that they can accurately budget and meet their goals.

    “It makes it much easier to see our contributions across the board this way, and keep track of our cost per lead and per deal,” Kimberly says. “Being able to see the entire journey of an account and all the marketing touchpoints has been very crucial for us this year, and will continue to be as we go into planning season this fall.”

    With the help of a Bizible Customer Success manager, Kimberly was able to get her entire team up to speed and confident in tracking and reporting with a multi-touch attribution model.

    They now track all of their net new leads and revenue by marketing channel and have discovered precisely which channels provide “insane ROI” for Jellyvision.

    The team learned that Bizible is more than just another tool in the martech stack, it’s a collaboration that exists to help make every marketing dollar profitable.

    “I’m very grateful that Bizible isn’t just some software I bought, I learned quickly that Bizible was a partnership I entered into in order to help make my team more successful.”

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